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A research project that explores and explicates the relevance of international human rights, as law, praxis and discourse, to how local governments in Europe welcome and integrate refugees.

Mayors Migration Forum

In December 2018, the Cities of Refuge team contributed to discussion on the role of local authorities in global migration in Marrakesh.

This video reports on the role of the Mayors Migration Forum. 

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1Explicit recognition of local governments as human rights actors in a multilevel context.

2Combining law, sociology and anthropology to develop a novel localized understanding of human rights. 

refuge welcome
refuge not allowed

Localized understanding of
human rights in three steps


A legal analysis clarity on local governments as human rights duty bearers


The development of local-level human rights indicators on the freedom of movement, participation, education and work


Grounded, explorative empirical analysis in ‘cities of refuge’/’cities that refuse’ on the (lack of) relevance of human rights for refugee welcome and integration.