Student insights on Cities of Refuge

Crimmigration at the local level. The relationship between the degree of federalism and decoupling. Religion and refugee welcome. The role of civil society in shaping Geneva’s migration policies. Undocumented health care in Madrid and Barcelona compared.

In May 2020 UCR students presented the insights on ‘Cities of Refuge’ that they gained during a year of bachelor senior project research. Due to Covid-19, the presentations and discussions were held online. Still, they gave insight into the large role of local authorities in shaping migration policies today. In addition, the students, with very different disciplinary backgrounds, showed how important fields such as anthropology, religious studies, geography are in complementing legal and public policy research.


Any Akopyan on Decoupling and Federalism

Jedidja van Boven on Religion and Refugee Welcome

Judith Brouwer on Access to Justice for Refugees

Natalia Burduli on Civil Society in Geneva

Valentina Vilches Tapia on Undocumented Migrants in Madrid and Barcelona