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Global Urban Justice: The Rise of Human Rights Cities Read



Cities increasingly base their local policies on human rights. Human rights cities promise to forge new alliances between urban actors and international organizations, to enable the 'translation' of the abstract language of human rights to the local level, and to develop new practices designed to bring about global urban justice. This book brings together academics and practitioners at the forefront of human rights cities and the 'right to the city' movement to critically discuss their history and also the potential that human rights cities hold for global urban justice.

  • Introduces the reader to an emerging trend in law and social science, with up-to-date insights from prominent authors on the phenomenon of human rights cities
  • Interdisciplinary approach to the relationship between human rights and cities makes this relevant to lawyers, sociologists, urban geographers and activists
  • Provides a fresh set of perspectives and theories on the potential and pitfalls of global urban justice, but also abounds with examples of the implementation of human rights cities


  • Demography
  • Integration